Traveling in Style

The Rand Smith family at the Montage, Laguna Beach, California (2010).

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6 Responses to Traveling in Style

  1. Fred (Tony) Schilling says:

    That’s a great car! Now if you were a rural mail carrier about sixty years ago in rural Marietta, Georgia where I grew up you could deliver the mail in this. I’m sure that they would have a picture of you in the car and article and in the Marietta Journal. And some smart aleck hick woul say “The Post Offfice is going broke by paying mail carriers enough to buy a Mercedes!” I’ll see you at our mail box with my dog, Evee.


    From PhyDis: Thanks for the comment Tony. It sure would be a great mail carrier.

  2. Carroll Whitney says:

    Beautiful car Rand! You just keep finding them! Our hills might be a little tough on the brakes.

  3. ROY says:

    The car is Beautiful!!

  4. Dave Read says:

    Beautiful! I love the white-on-white wheels and tires. A very nice look.

  5. Paul and Diane Hayden says:

    Wow! Nice family–just kidding. What a great car. We had no idea. It is a real beauty. If you don’t get to the Oscars, we will have to think of an occasion to showcase this baby.

  6. Ok Rand, thanks for making me jealous! Now seriously, THAT is a car to show my clients homes to here in Palos Verdes Estates!

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