Bogus Slogan Poster
Number 00054

Bogus Slogan Poster #00054 - Inside View

Bogus Slogan Poster Series

Bogus Slogan Poster #54 is for a concert in Columbia Falls, Ohio which BS drummer Benjamin Owens barely remembers. Benni, befriended by a Wakaton Hills Native American, had travelled in the off week prior to the show, to the village of Toma somewhere near the border of Nebraska and Iowa. His friend wanted Benni to particiapte in the Wakaton Hills Festival of Ancestors which began with 3 days of drumming and chanting.

After the era of the 3 martini lunch but before the bowls of 70’s cocaine, there was a decade which sought to free the mind. Unlike today’s vast choice of drugs that permit self destruction; then, grass, LSD and peyote were the hallucinative choices of a generation that knew the NOW should be a different now. Of course living an intoxicated life means that reality continues unsupervised.

Tribal elders felt that Benni, now renamed, Talks While Walking, was such a good influence that they invited him into their sweat lodge. After ingestation, Benni/Talks ascended into a comatose like state. (Benni recalls visiting another world where he was offered to leave his brain, but he couldn’t work the metal can’s foot petal).

A few days later, it was time to leave. Benni was still flat on the lodge floor. A sign saying ‘time to go to Chicago’ was held above his face. His eyes opened…read the message…got up and kissed the tribe’s spirit leader…hugged each tribal elder…shook his friend’s hand…resumed his position on the floor.

Benni arrived at the band’s hotel with four notes pinned to his shirt. 1. Bus to Chicago and transfer to 2. Bus to Columbia Falls and transfer to 3. Taxi to hotel and 4. Check in, no baggage.

Bogus Slogan has been rockin’ the world for over  half a century. Springing from the Surf, Psychedelic, Garage of the Southern California 60s, the band has released over 3 dozen albums and toured America & the World extensively.

Bogus Slogan uses artists, Illustrators and graphic designers from all over the world. ZenithPointStudio is proud to present many of the posters famed studio has done on behalf of the band.

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