Bogus Slogan Poster
Number 00061

Bogus Slogan Poster #00061 - Inside View


Bogus Slogan Poster Series

When there is a lot of physical space between kids, they will congregate to demonstrate their demons. Together, they will jump around loud music. Intoxicating themselves. To jump higher. Is this a pagan ritual. Not really – the young have too much energy.

In Austin, Texas, Kandy’s Playhouse was a short lived club/theater whose landlord, in tough times, opened a music venue to keep his lights on. Stripping out all the seats; building a bare bones stage and lighting rig and a second story “box” at the back for the sound and light technicians; he was able to attract Bogus Slogan for a concert in 1988. He also got ZenithPointStudio to create a poster advertising the concert.

The poster backdrop shows Spiderman, who has been slammed into a Daily Bugle billboard, his uniform badly torn, trying to regroup. An unknown villian has the upper hand. Artist Steve McNiven has drawn the Marvel icon – partially revealing his face to show that the fight will continue. He is a super hero.

When Kandy’s closed, their was a “Save our Club” campaign, but the youth did not know the city council. No longer tough times, our Landlord made a mint selling to developers. Spiderman? I think he does this stuff for free.

Bogus Slogan has been rockin’ the world for over  half a century. Springing from the Surf, Psychedelic, Garage of the Southern California 60s, the band has released over 3 dozen albums and toured America & the World extensively.

Bogus Slogan uses artists, Illustrators and graphic designers from all over the world. ZenithPointStudio is proud to present many of the posters famed studio has done on behalf of the band.

ZenitPointstudio creates photos, graphics, illustrations and music for the entertainment of people.

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