Bogus Slogan Poster
Number 00079

Bogus Slogan Poster #00079 - Inside View

Bogus Slogan Poster SeriesIn the early 1990’s, when some English guys combined Phil Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’ feel with the drone style of India’s Raga and mixed in some German Sturm und Drang; Bogus Slogan was very impressed. Jumping on the bandwagon, the band embraced the Shoegazing music scene as if a beautful woman had found a credit card on a public sidewalk.

Over on the North shore of Kauai, Hawaii, someone built Kotton Kandys.
It should have been built near the docks of Hoboken, NJ. The walls were
painted flat black and glossy silver. On the ceiling was this weird wispy
fuzz (surely a fire hazard) spray painted pink. Patrons sustained an
overwhelming sense of the surreal upon entry. Underneath this frizz
coiffure, Bogus Slogan plugged in, stomped on their pedals and flooded
the club with a dreamy opalescent atmosphere of etherealness. Kind of matched the decor.

There is talk of a return of this genre, “nu-gaze.” Will Bogus Slogan step on the bandwagon again? Maybe. Performing on stage you can wear your favorite fashions and not have to change for the after party.

Girls, be sure to use that card at Wearing little to nothing is always a blessing. 

Bogus Slogan has been rockin’ the world for over  half a century. Springing from the Surf, Psychedelic, Garage of the Southern California 60s, the band has released over 3 dozen albums and toured America & the World extensively.

Bogus Slogan uses artists, Illustrators and graphic designers from all over the world. ZenithPointStudio is proud to present many of the posters famed studio has done on behalf of the band.

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